Friday, December 18, 2009

Tool - Wordpress Bruteforcer (WP_BruteForcer.exe)

Wordpress Brute Force Tool

Hoho, the chritmas is around the corner and here is my christmas gift that would like to share with others. This is a brute forcing tool that targets the Wordpress web application.

Here is the demo on how to use the tool to break Wordpress password:

Figure 1: WP_BruteForcer Usage

Figure 2: Brute force the wordpress application

Figure 3: Password cracking

Figure 4: Target Website (Dummy one ;))

Figure 5: Ready to crack the website

Figure 6: Owned!!!


It would be a good idea to run the tool in Windows platform although wine environment can be used also but the tool is not stable for some reason (I didn't investigate further in this case ;))

Download Link

~Signing off