Saturday, January 24, 2009

Faizal.js -- Custom Detection and Removal Tool

I have created this custom detection and removal tool for faizal.js. This JS worm is very easy to be removed manually. However this tool is aimed for some non-tech savvy users that need easy removal steps.

Symantec has a good description on the infections and the removal steps as well:

FaizalRemover - Custom Detection and Removal Tool

[+] 2 modes, detection and removal mode
[+] Detection mode > Detect faizal.js infection. It will report to you if infection found.
[+] Removal mode > Removal faizal.js, Autorun.inf and other copy of itself on the infected machine.
[+] Kill the worm process to prevent reinfection.
[+] It will remove all the registry keys created by it.
[+] It will restore the IE title bar that was changed by the worm.

Download here:

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